Hundreds of knitters and crocheters across the country have gotten involved with this ministry, and have created over 7,000 items of clothing! 

If you are a knitter or crocheter who would like to learn more about Knit With Love and how you can get involved, visit or email Lindsay at 

Knit With Love is dedicated to providing knit and crochet items to people in need, whether they are homeless, impoverished or sick. The gift of a hand-made item can provide physical warmth to people who may have little else, and can also be a tangible showing of love and support that will serve as an encouragement in this difficult time. 

Knit With Love was founded in 2008 by Lindsay Baxter.

"My desire to share the gift of knit items with others began when I made a hat for my grandmother who was going through chemotherapy.  I loved seeing how much joy this gave her, so I decided to make knit items for others who were in need. After sharing hand-knitted hats and scarves with homeless and impoverished individuals in downtown Los Angeles, I realized I wanted to expand my efforts in order to share the gift of knit and crochet items with people in need around the world."